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Very Special Guests

Every Jam Society features a troupe of silly, smart, sexy and upbeat variety artists.

Upcoming guests

Alina Sharipova

Alina Sharipova is a Russian- Belgian comedian based in Amsterdam. Her friends often compare her to herpes because she never really goes away. With a dark yet vulnerable style, commanding stage-presence and wit beyond compare, she takes her audiences on a ride with her comedy. In 2022 she has debuted two shows. Fear is Good, a show about her immigrant upbringing, her relationship with her mom and her Dutch boyfriend. And LET'S TALK, a unique, interactive show that blurs the lines between comedy, improv and therapy.

Alina is joining us
June 11th in Amsterdam

Andy Duncan

Depending on the amount of laughter, Andrew Duncan is either an absurdist comedian or a performance artist. Andy is half of the Duncan brothers and a third of the Masli-Duncan performance trio, creators of the award winning show Legs (a crowd pleaser in both London and in the Edinburgh Fringe) and its sequel, Logs (also very successful).

Andy is joining us
May 14th in Amsterdam

Fedor Ikelaar

Fedor will take you on a laughter-filled, insane journey across the globe. With a combination of sharp wit and other foolishness, he shares his experience from living, working and failing abroad. A born and raised Dutchie, who always felt a bit out of place in the Netherlands, Fedor spent years moving from one country to another until he finally ended up in Nepal...where he felt even more out of place. Surrounded by spiritual Nepalese, occasional opium dealers, forgotten hippies and millennials trying to find themselves, he lost himself more and more but remained captivated by the madness of it all. Meanwhile, he's has performed in over 30 countries, appeared at a long list of international comedy festivals and was recently featured on the BBC.

Fedor is joining us
June 11th in Amsterdam

Fritz With A Z

Fritz with a Z is one of those rare combinations of comedy, magic, and improvisation. With performances at the invite-only Magic Castle in Hollywood and the Magic Circle in London under his belt, this award-winning conjuror is the only Dutch magician who has performed on six continents. Be prepared to get you magical and funny bone tickled!


Jermaine Jackson

HILARIOUS! Taking interactive performance to the next level

Herald Sun Australia

A trailblazer in impromptu magic

People’s Post South Africa

An outstanding showman with a terrific charisma to captivate any audience

The Trickery Aberdeen

The Netherlands has a great tradition in magic. Thank you for carrying on that tradition and for entertaining our members and guests so well!

The Magic Castle Hollywood

Fritz is joining us
June 11th in Amsterdam

Joseph Kearney

Joe is an Irish storyteller rooted in Amsterdam. A regular of the popular storytelling Mezrab, both on stage and behind the counter, Joe has recently premiered his solo show People are Awful, full of tales of recovery, heartbreak, love, and including a fair amount of puppets and queer stuff.

Joe is joining us
Sometime this year in Amsterdam

John Robertson

John is a comedian, author, columnist, satirist, professional troublemaker, multimedia artist and recreational sadist. He's also an anarchic improviser and insult comic, (which is the same as being a sadist, except his slaves are the whole audience.) He has headlined shows all over the world, done a TEDx talk, performed at events from gaming conventions to anti-suicide fundraisers, been published in horror anthologies, hosted two years of the UK’s only videogame TV show, been the world’s greatest cosplay host (terrible crowd surfer, though), and done it all while being better dressed than the average vampire. He's also the creator of Dark Room, the real-life choose-your-adventure show.

His material is edgy, intelligent and smoothly-delivered… this is astute, amoral stand-up for the morbidly inclined

The Age

A manic and quick-witted revelation… if you only see one Perth-born set this year, make it John Robertson.

The Scotsman

Stylish, alternative, funny


John is joining us
May 14th in Amsterdam

Jonathan Oldfield

Jonathan Oldfield is an idiot based in East London. He trained at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and with John Yorke Storytelling. He was a finalist in BBC Carleton Hobbs Award and winner of the Newton Blick Award.

Beyond funny


oodles of charm


Jon is joining us
April 16th in Amsterdam

Lara Ricote

Lara's a small Latin American girl (woman?) who won the Funny Women 2021 (right, "woman") Stage Award, plus the 2022 Edinburgh Comedy Award for Best Newcomer and is now doing her first hour about what it's like to be Latin and deaf and a girl who's now a woman at the same time. You know, minority jokes for majority crowds. If you read this and you don't come, what's that say about you? Huh? You hate disabled people? Maybe come and prove you don't! Love you. As seen on E4, Comedy Central and Dave.

One word for Lara Ricote: Wow!... An electric presence

Time Out

Lara is joining us
May 14th in Amsterdam

Lorna Rose Treen

Lorna Rose Treen is an award winning character comedian, writer and improviser from Redditch. She's Chortle's Best Newcomer 2023, and the first ever double award winner at the Funny Women Awards, recently winning both the Stage Award 2022 and the Comedy Short Award 2022.

Off-kilter energy and unflagging commitment to the silly


an irresistible energy...and an endless range

The Recs

Lorna is joining us
April 16th in Amsterdam

Luana Matei

Luana Matei (RO), originally from Romania, she lived in Tokyo for 12 years before getting trapped in Amsterdam during the lockdown. Her jokes range from family & therapy, love & sex, marriage, divorce, cheating and loss; in no particular order. In 2022 she began extensively touring Europe with over 150 packed shows (100+ sold out) entertaining more than 7500 people. Her comedy is dark, insightful, and deftly encapsulating her experiences living and traveling around the world! She takes vulnerability to another level, pushing the boundaries of "How soon is too soon?"

Luana is joining us
April 16th in Amsterdam

Red Bastard

America's dangerous, seductive comedy-monster delivers on this promise that something interesting must happen every 10 seconds. Experience the madness as Red Bastard immerses you in his absurd web of raw conversation, traps, rewards and catch-22s. Lines will be crossed and laughs will be had in this interactive feast of biting wit, improvisation and physical prowess.

Very, Very Funny.

New York Times

Utterly vital and riveting from start to end.

Time Out London

Top 5 Shows in the UK. A masterclass in physical comedy. His power to inspire and enthuse is undeniable.

The Scotsman

A once in a lifetime experience… a milestone in this reviewers understanding of theater and its power.

The Skinny

Bastard is joining us
Sometime this year in Amsterdam

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Name-dropping section

Here is the hall of fame of performers who've joined The Jam Society in the past. You never know when they might come back... 😉