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Very Special Guests

Every Jam Society features a troupe of silly, smart, sexy and upbeat variety artists.

Upcoming guests

Andy Duncan

Depending on the amount of laughter, Andrew Duncan is either an absurdist comedian or a performance artist. Andy is half of the Duncan brothers and a third of the Masli-Duncan performance trio, creators of the award winning show Legs (a success in London and the Edin- burgh Fringe) and its sequel, Logs.

Andy is joining us
August 24th in Edinburgh

Andrew O'Neill

Andrew O'Neill is an award-winning comedian, musician and best-selling writer. A psychedelic non-binary whirlwind, they combine surrealism, polemic and good old-fashioned stagecraft to produce uniquely counter-cultural stand-up. Andrew has performed in over a dozen different countries, at over a hundred different festivals and is equally at home in rowdy comedy clubs as performing to their own cult following. They co-write and star in Radio 4’s occult sitcom Damned Andrew.

Excellent, impassioned flights of fury


A sublime set of subversive optimism

The List

A huge, sometimes unsung capacity to blow the bloody roof off. Their finest work


Andrew is joining us
August 24th in Edinburgh

Ange Lavoipierre

Ange Lavoipierre is a multi-award winning Australian performer with a knack for darkly absurd and thought-provoking comedy. Pre-COVID, she was touring her new show Zealot internationally. She’s one half of the comedy web series Impostors, and the host of the ABC’s daily news podcast, The Signal. You can read her very serious poetry on Instagram.

A rising star of Australian comedy


Mind melting shit

The Skinny

Honest, dark and wild

The Adelaide Advertiser

A powerhouse of a performer

Plays To See

Ange is joining us
August 23rd and 24th in Edinburgh

Brianna Ahlmark

Brianna Ahlmark is a huge mistake. There is absolutely no way that she is able to drive anywhere by herself. Whatever is happening on stage will win awards one day so best get in now before she’s cocky enough to ask for proof of Nando’s Black Card. For now all she asks is that you smile and leave your hula hoop at home. 1 part beauty, 2 parts Oh God, 7 parts Where Is Her Father, you are guaranteed to love this woman. Two separate people told her on two different occasions that she made them “scream laugh.” She is seeking a good time.

Brianna is joining us
August 23rd and 24th in Edinburgh

Garry Starr

Garry is an overzealous idiot, known for his attempt to perform all of Greek mythology in less than 60 minutes to save his Hellenic homeland from economic ruin. Never before has Medusa been looser, Achilles more sillies, or Uranus so heinous. Having single-handedly saved the performing arts in 2018 with his multi award-winning debut show, Garry Starr Performs Everything, this comic wunderkind returns with another anarchic masterclass not to be mythed.

Uproariously silly - he threads us through the labyrinth with a lunatic’s charm

Time Out

Damien Warren-Smith’s alter ego delivers a drama masterclass, leading us from clownish chaos to feats of comic genius

The Guardian

[An] uproariously funny hour...Undoubtedly one of the most fun shows at this year's festival

The Scotsman

Garry is joining us
August 23rd in Edinburgh

Grant Busé

Grant Busé is an Australian comedian, musician and MC based in London. His unique brand of musical comedy is enjoyed by a wide variety of audiences. His cheeky antics, clever song writing and razor sharp wit have established him as a "remarkable talent and one to watch" (Australian Stage). Grant tours his musical comedy shows nationally and abroad to critical acclaim and sell out shows. His most recent achievement is winning 'Best Cabaret' for 'The Birds And The Beats' at the Adelaide Fringe weekly awards and rating 'Top 10 Comedy Show You Must See' at Edinburgh Fringe 2018 by The Scotsman. He has performed on TedX and continues to develop and produce exciting original material.

Must see


His voice is as impressive as his hair

Edinburgh Evening News

Smart as anything coming from Tim Minchin and equally as politically woke

Broadway Baby

Grant is joining us
August 22nd in Edinburgh

Jeromaia Detto

Jeromaia Detto is an Australian improvisor and clown who relies far too much on audience members for his silly sketches and characters. With almost a decade of performance experience including winning the Australian 2019 National Maestro Competition, he is excited to share another one of his absurd characters with you all at The Jam Society!

laugh out loud moments of pure silliness

Theatre Thoughts Aus


One of the best emerging comedians

Weekend Notes

Hugely entertaining

Gutter Culture

Jeromaia is joining us
August 24th in Edinburgh

John Robertson

John is a comedian, author, columnist, satirist, professional troublemaker, multimedia artist and recreational sadist. He's also an anarchic improviser and insult comic, (which is the same as being a sadist, except his slaves are the whole audience.) He has headlined shows all over the world, done a TEDx talk, performed at events from gaming conventions to anti-suicide fundraisers, been published in horror anthologies, hosted two years of the UK’s only videogame TV show, been the world’s greatest cosplay host (terrible crowd surfer, though), and done it all while being better dressed than the average vampire. He's also the creator of Dark Room, the real-life choose-your-adventure show.

His material is edgy, intelligent and smoothly-delivered… this is astute, amoral stand-up for the morbidly inclined

The Age

A manic and quick-witted revelation… if you only see one Perth-born set this year, make it John Robertson.

The Scotsman

Stylish, alternative, funny


John is joining us
August 22nd in Edinburgh

Josh Glanc

Josh Glanc is a multi-award-winning comic and theatre maker. His solo shows have won numerous awards throughout Australia, and have had sell-out seasons at various international festivals. He creates surreal and surprising work that has seen him win such prizes as Best Comedy (Adelaide Fringe Weekly Award 2017 and 2018) and being nominated to the West Australian Arts Editor Award (Perth Fringe 2018).

Master of craze

The Guardian

Absurd and dynamic


An extraordinary talent

The Scotsman

Frenetic and deliciously surprising

The Advertiser

An intelligence to it that belies the apparent simplicity

The West Australian

Josh is joining us
August 22nd in Edinburgh

Kevin Quantum

Kevin's act brings you through a field of silly humour and hypnotising magic at a breakneck speed. Ex-physicist-turned-magician, he's been a staple of the Fringe and Edinburgh's arts scene ever since learning magic from none other than Penn & Teller on a reality show. Since then, he has used his powers for good in such stages as the Globe Theatre, the Magic Castle and even Britain's Got Talent. If you think you have seen everything... think again!

Epic stunts, genuinely impressive magic

Broadway Baby


Edinburgh Evening News

Master illusionist

The Advertiser

Brilliant… Delightful, funny

This is Radelaide

Kevin is joining us
August 22nd and 23rd in Edinburgh

Lara Ricote

Lara's a small Latin American girl (woman?) who won the Funny Women 2021 (right, "woman") Stage Award and is now doing her first hour about what it's like to be Latin and deaf and a girl who's now a woman at the same time. You know, minority jokes for majority crowds. If you read this and you don't come, what's that say about you? Huh? You hate disabled people? Maybe come and prove you don't! Love you. As seen on E4, Comedy Central and Dave.

One word for Lara Ricote: Wow!... An electric presence

Time Out

Lara is joining us
August 23rd in Edinburgh

Laurie Black

Neo-cabaret performer, compère, musician and writer. Winner of Best Emerging Artist at Adelaide Fringe 2018 and Best Show at Newcastle Fringe (AU) 2019. Keys player for Anya Anastasia's Rogue Romantic and Briefs Factory Sweatshop with Mikelangelo. Host of legendary La Clique Noël, Edinburghs Christmas 2018-19.

Truly something out of this world

Pop Culture-y

Cabaret queen

EdFest Mag

One helluva fearless and incredibly talented artist

All About Entertainment

A badass who will mesmerise you with her enchanting voice

Weekend Notes

Laurie is joining us
August 22nd in Edinburgh

Logy Logan

Logy is a Belfast based bearded multi manipulator and performer. Performing since 2001. From Northern Ireland, he has performed in many countries’s all over the world as a successful Street and Stage performer with both comedy and circus.

Logy is joining us
August 24th in Edinburgh

Shirley Gnome

Shirley Gnome is a Juno nominated cabaret-comedy musician based out of Vancouver BC, who writes and performs hilarious and biting satirical country/rock/folk songs mixed with dark pop parodies. Her clever and subversive lyrics go down smooth with her gorgeous vocals, and her charm will disarm you through topics both provocative and silly. She’s received rave reviews, awards, and sell-out shows in five different countries, appearing at The Melbourne International Comedy Festival, The Philadelphia Folk Festival, Just For Laughs Northwest, Woodford Folk Festival, and more. She's been featured on CBC’s The Debaters, and on various Sirius XM stations across Canada. Both of her latest albums went #1 on the iTunes comedy charts in Canada, and the latest release Decoxification was nominated for a Juno award for Comedy Album of the Year 2021.

A joyful rebellion against rigid femininity, constrictive sexuality and what it means to be a “lady"

She Does The City

Hilarious… Gnome is a disarmingly likeable performer



Dan Savage

Shirley is joining us
August 24th in Edinburgh

Tara Boom

Tara is a circus performer based from Melbourne, but performing everywhere really. Sometimes filthy, always weird and definitely amazing, Tara's skills and explosive stage energy is guaranteed to blow your mind.

Tara is joining us
August 22nd in Edinburgh

Where can I see these guests?

Name-dropping section

Here is the hall of fame of performers who've joined The Jam Society in the past. You never know when they might come back... 😉