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The Jam Society
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Cast & Crew

These are the people who you are going to be able to fist-bump if you come to a performance of The Jam Society.

Meet the cast

The host

Daniel (by night)

“Unexpected” is the correct word to describe the performance style of The Jam Society’s host. Originally from Portugal and based in the Netherlands, Daniel Matias Ferrer brought a new style of irreverent improvisational music to stages worldwide, and now he is topping it all with a good dose of absurd comedy!

The house band

The Jam With Humans Orchestra

The Jam With Humans Orchestra is an ever-mutating group a new school of improvisers in the Netherlands. Their music ranges from standard-jazz-y pieces to completely improvised avant-garde soundtracks.

Meet the crew

Daniel Matias Ferrer show creation, musical direction, live music (drums)

Emily Franklin production, live music (keys)

Giuseppe Conti production, live music (bass)

Jac Thomas production, live music (guitar)

João Reis production, live music (sax) [Edinburgh shows]

Nikesh Katwa production, live music (DJ, synths)

Paul MacEwan production, live music (guitar) [Edinburgh shows]

Maris Ozols main theme composer

We thank the following artists for their kindness in helping with the scripting and/or production of The Jam Society: Biddy Kemery, Martin Mor, Grant Busé, RJ Owens and Zach Zucker.

Come see them live!